World War II Aircraft, The Super Moon and Hot Air Balloons

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The past few weeks have been busy with several different Photographic opportunities. The 2nd Annual Wings Over Wiscasset featured several World War II vintage aircraft performing in the skies over Wiscasset, Maine. The Texas Flying Legends Museum members flew several planes in for the air show and displays. The planes included a T-6 Texan, a TB3M Avenger, a P51D Mustang and a FG1D Corsair. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and some clouds.

The Texan, Avenger and Corsair were pretty easy to capture at a shutter speed of about 1/400 or 1/600. But the Mustang, man was it fast. A shutter of 1/1000 or 1/1200 was not fast enough at times.

The Professional Building in Lewiston, Maine is the perfect roof top to photograph the Lewiston sky line at dusk as the super moon was rising over the former St. Patrick's Cathedral. Having a Portrait Studio in the building comes with a few privileges, like access to the roof. Shooting from a tripod at the magic time of evening when it is getting dark, but the sky is still a shade of blue renders some interesting results. This shows the Super Moon rising over the spire, with the newly lit City Building in the foreground. The photo below shows the moon rising with the cross from the cathedral spire in front of it.

One of the things on my bucket list is going up in a Hot Air Balloon. I got my chance during the 22nd Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston, Maine. It was a present for my 66th birthday, and I am not sorry I went up. It was a great morning with cool temperatures, and clear skies. The pilot, Joel Jones, from Alabama, was very experienced and did a great job. The views were fantastic and the ride much smoother and more pleasant than a small plane. I hope to do it again. Next time I will not bring my 500mm lens. It was too heavy, and too unwieldy for the limited space in the basket. Oh well, learn by doing.

This shot was taken as the balloons began ascending in the early morning light. If you have ever wondered what it would be like, I urge you to take a ride and discover it for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. The next few weeks will find me taking Senior Photos and a Class Reunion. Never a dull moment.

Jim Walker Photography

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