April Fools Day Wedding

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Now that the MPPA Convention and Trade Show is behind me, until next year, it is time to welcome the beginning of a new season for photographic opportunity. It has been a slow beginning to the new year, but that is not unusual for this business.

I begin the season with a hastily put together wedding on April 1st. Yes, April Fools Day. Connie, from All In One Weddings, called me on Tuesday, 29 March, to see if I was available on Friday. Of course my first reaction was, is this an April Fools Joke? Happily it was not. She had been contacted at the last minute for a wedding to be held in Rockland on that infamous day. I was free, and agreed to be the photographer at this last minute event. Besides, it might be interesting.

Interesting, it was! And very colorful! When I arrived at the address in Rockland, I was greeted by the Groom, Dave, and his best man. Laurence. Dave was dressed in a Purple long coat and hat, and Laurence had a two color combination going on. Ah, a themed wedding, as in Bat Man Villains. Dave was the Joker and Laurence was Two Face. The Bride, Susi, was to be Harley Quinn and the Brides Maid, Kathleen, was a modified version of Robin. All the ingredients of some very colorful photos.

Susi and DavidSusi and DavidSusi and David

The day was very overcast with a promise of rain, but the rain gods smiled on us and held off for the ceremony and family photos that followed. This time of year in Maine does not lend itself to great backgrounds. There is no greenery yet, and the snow is no longer covering up the dead foliage. For the family photos we left the apartment complex and headed to an area below the Samoset resort in an attempt to have the ocean and breakwater as a background. It was better, but had challenges of its own. The fog was rolling in over the harbor as the boats disappeared in the mist. Just as we were finishing it began to rain. As they say, timing is everything.

Susi and DavidSusi and DavidSusi and David I had to ask the Groom, "Why April Fools Day?" He said, "they met on April 1st, moved in together on April 1st, so it only seemed right to get married on April 1st. Besides, it would be difficult to forget their anniversary."

An interesting start to a new season of Wedding, Fashion, Portrait and Pageant photography. I love this job....



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