Senior Photos, It's Not Too Late!

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I received a phone call from an anxious mother last weekend. Seems the photographer her daughter had contracted with had cancelled at the last minute. What a dilemma! At this time of season, most photographers have been booked for awhile and have little time to squeeze someone in. A mutual friend suggested she give me a call to see what I could do for her. It just so happened that I did have one time slot I could put her in, but only on a Wednesday afternoon. We discussed pricing and she booked me for her daughters photo shoot. Normally, I like to discuss clothing and locations, and what the daughter had in mind, as well as her likes and dislikes. There wasn't time for these niceties, so the time was scheduled.

HannahHannahHannah We met at my studio, so we could discuss how the shoot would proceed and what Hannah wanted, and expected. She is a beautiful young lady with a great attitude and, I believe, a good choice in clothing. Hannah was a natural in front of the camera and took instructions very well. Her long-time boy friend, Anthony, was with her, as well as her mother, Alicia. We drove the short distance to Simard-Payne Park in Lewiston. This is usually a great place for Senior Photos with a lot of different plantings and a variety of trees, as well as views of the Androscoggin River. At this time there were a lot of workers preparing for the next weekends 25th Great Falls Balloon Festival. The park is spacious enough that we found a variety of interesting backdrops for her photos.

Halfway through the shoot it was time to change outfits. One of the pitfalls of Simard-Payne park is its lack of facilities. But, Hannah, being young and limber managed to do a quick change in the back of her mothers car. The dress she chose for this portion of the session was black and white, with a skirt that flowed in the breeze.








I love doing Senior Photos with these young people that are so vibrant and full of life. There are several great areas around Lewiston and Auburn, so everyone's photos can look different and be as individual as they are.

What are your likes and dislikes? Is the deadline rapidly approaching for your Senior Photo? Contact me to schedule a session for your photo shoot. We can have great fun making magic happen and providing you with photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Be sure to stop by my web site and take a look at my work. I know it is hard to think about it, but Fall will be here soon. The perfect time to take those family photos and get you Christmas Cards ordered.




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